Where do you learn?

There are so many ways to learn new things.

In a class, on-line or face to face, MOOCs, watching a vimeo, reading a blog, tweeting, trial and error, and the list goes on.

So here’s a question.  How do you keep track of those things you have learned?  They would look great on your resume.  They could help you get a promotion.  But how do you show that you actually learned that thing?

There are a number of new solutions that attempt to do this.  Two that are currently on my radar are briefly described below along with links to more information.  Get your feet wet and we’ll go more in depth as I develop this blog.

  1.  xAPI or Tin Can API–  This is a way to collect data from multiple locations.  It may be a learning activity that lives on the internet (like a YouTube video), or a business process that lives on your corporate sharepoint page, xAPI can take data from multiple locations and track what you have experienced, what you have accomplished, what you know and what you can do.  This technology is in its infancy in terms of personal learning, but the possibilities are endless for keeping track of what you know, what you have done and what you are capable of doing. ADL-eXperience API
  2. Open Badges– Badges are rewarding and fun; take a class, get a badge, show it off.  The potential of open badges are far more impactful.  Open Badges issued by organizations that have planned with employers in mind, to display needed competencies, to display more than just knowledge of a subject to true abilities to complete necessary tasks could be the wave of the future.  Open Badges

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