How I learned more about xAPI

I think the first reference to xAPI that i remember, was about 2 years ago.  Then it was still referred to as TinCan API.  I googled and read a little about it at Rustici software’s blog site on TinCan API.   But that was as far as I got, I didn’t have a use case or a group of similarly interested people.   while the idea of tracking learning activities outside an LMS sounded interesting, I didn’t have the resources to do anything with it.

Fast forward a year.  New job, technology progresses.

My new boss was frustrated.  So many people in the company were creating content that was obviously learning; webinars, vimeo videos,  mobile gamified quizzes, even documents on sharepoint and all of these were outside the LMS.  How do you determine ROI for training when 1) you can’t track all of the learning that you support, and 2) you don’t have access to performance data?

I remembered that initial foray into xAPI.  That would solve the problem.  If only, I could pitch the idea and figure out how to implement it.  I started researching.

Rustici’s site was a great jumping off point, but I needed more.

I found signed up and read and watched a number of great resources.

I considered an xAPI bootcamp, but as an added cost to Learning Solutions, it wasn’t in the budget.

Then I found the ADL site, the initiators of the xAPI specification. They had free xAPI cohorts to learn and create learning solutions using xAPI. But, they stopped offering the cohorts the previous year. Thank you Torrence learning who picked up where ADL left off. I signed up for the Spring 2016 xAPI Learning Cohort and really started to get my feet under me. Working with a team of similarly interested people I helped come up with a use case to set up as many xAPI enabled learning activities as possible and send the statements to our LRS (a free SCORM Cloud account).

At Learning Solutions I met Ben Betts and Craig Taylor who offer a free MOOC Learn xAPI using their own LRS, learning locker as a test site for sending and receiving statements.

Am I ready to conquer the world with xAPI? Not yet, but I’m on my way. My boss is a convert to the idea, we have started to spread the word about how this new technology will solve our business needs and we are brainstorming initial test cases.

Follow some of these links and see what you can learn!

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