How to send statements to an LRS

To set up the xAPI-H5P plug-in to send statements to an LRS, there are a few steps.  Follow the steps below.

This is an example of the accordion content  type from H5P.

2 thoughts on “How to send statements to an LRS”

  1. Hi, nice project!
    I’m building a e-learning solution to trainee enterprise people.
    I’m using moodle with h5p content, but not using all the moodle features, so I’m moving to a wordpress lms solution with h5p and xapi.
    My question is, do you recommend configuring my own LRS like learning locker (I already have an EC2 amazon server ) cause the no free lrs are really expensive for my wallet.

    And regarding the LMS, learnpress is a good option, or maybe another pay option like learndash could be a better solution for this integration …

    Thanks in advice.
    Best regards,

    1. Thanks,
      My project was really proof of concept. Which is about where I stopped. I really like Learning Locker and they have a great MOOC on how to set up and use their system. As long as you have access to the Amazon server (which I have yet to do) and some expertise it is fairly easy. Ben Betts, Learning Locker’s CEO is generally very available and if you are on their MOOC he and his team are very ready to help. SCORM cloud is also a great testing environment and is already set up. It’s limitation is statement number. So if you are only testing it is good. I’m not sure how it ultimately stacks up if you are trying to scale it.
      Thanks for your suggestions as well on the LMS, things are changing so quickly in the xAPI space, I may try some new tools to send and capture statements.
      Good luck!

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