xAPI MOOC with HT2

To help with my xAPI project, I realize I need more technical prowess.  Now I am at the technically dangerous stage.  I know enough to set up easy activities.  Things that don’t require me to change code much.  I also don’t have an LRS set up.

I met the HT2 team Ben Betts and Craig Taylor at the Learning Solutions 2016 meeting in Orlando.  Craig clued me into their MOOC offerings for xAPI.  Ben is a visionary in the xAPI community and  is the main driver on HT2’s Learning Locker.  HT2 Learning offers MOOCs on their Curatr social learning platform, as well as offering Learning Locker, one of a handful of open source LRS options.

May 12, 2016, they are starting a new MOOC about xAPI.  After registering and looking at the course, it seems a perfect fit.  There are 2 tracks, one an overview of what xAPI can do and a technical track.  I’m in!

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